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Wherever you are on your real estate journey, our team of trusted and experienced real estate professionals are here to help you maximize your investment in a home purchase while creating a positive experience throughout the entire home buying experience.

Home Buyer Services

Buying a new home is such an exciting process and not something most people do that many times over their lifetime. We've helped everyone from first-time homebuyers, clients looking to downsize and those looking for more space. We've guided clients looking to invest in real estate, purchased a second home or lake home of their dreams. We don't take this responsibilty lightly and feel grateful to be a strategic partner in this exciting process with every clients. We want this to be a memorable experience and something that you share with your friends and family. Our goal is to be your Realtors for life, the people you call when you need a handyman or to ask for update and repair questions that can help you net the most money. Our business is a relationship business and we truly thrive on providing the best service, celebrating the fact that we get to part of one of the most memorable, lifetime experiences along side clients that trust us. We want to be your real estate resource and our mission is help make this process as stress free and enjoyable as possible. 

What we do for our Buyers

  • Assist in the financing process to connect you with the best in the industry to help target the best financing options based on your situation to determine your purchasing power.
  • Partner with you to understand your dream home, your wants and needs and evaluate what is needed to meet those goals.
  • Provide detailed information on all properties that meet your criteria, show homes in person, provide guidance on value, advise on property issues or condition as to consider future resale value. 
  • Prepare MN contract requirements and purchase agreement and negotiate on your best half, in your best interest.
  • Be your advocate through the entire process including all of the hurdles of inspections, repairs, insurance, and financing requirements in order to close.
  • Manage the entire transacation through closing day.
  • After the close, remain your real estate resource for questions anytime regarding repairs, upgrades, handyman / contractor referrals, etc.

We can't wait to help you with your real estate journey!

 A few tips if getting ready to buy a home...

  • Start Saving Early: Getting a mortgage does require a little skin in the game by making a down payment. Depending on your qualified loan program, it's typically 3%, 5%, 10% to 20%. Start saving early, manage expenses by creating a budget can help you reach your home buying goal. 
  • What's your credit score? Start working on this early in the home buying process. Your credit score is instrumental in the role of getting a mortgage and the best interest rate. Three to six months before, be in contact with a lender to evaluate your credit situation. Start paying off debt, lower your utilization rate by increasing your available credit.Take steps to dispute errors. This should increase your credit score but sometimes credit challenges can take some time to resolve.
  • Say NO to major purchases: Financing any new purchases before buying a home can affect whether or not you will get approved for a mortgage. It could also greatly affect your interest rate and monthly mortgage payment. New cars, furniture and other big purchases should wait until after you close. 

  • What can you afford? What can your afford for a monthly mortgage payment based on your income factoring in other expenses such as property taxes, insurance, utility bills, car payments, and maintenance. When getting pre-approved, it's important to understand the maximum mortgage you'd qualify for while also evaluating what is the most comfortable and affordable for your lifestyle. 

  • Explore Mortgage Options: Compare different mortgages based on your situation. Conventional loans vs FHA loans for first-time home buyers. A conventional loan typically have the fewest restrictions and present the strongest during the offer process. If you are active-duty service member, VA home loans offer generous benefits and terms for those that have service. If you are an active or retired service member, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! We see you!

  • Get your application completed! A stree-free home purchase is about being prepared. Get ahead by being organized an prepare all financial paperwork needed. A good sampe of documents that may be required by lender are...
    • All bank account statements
    • 30 days of pay stubs
    • 2 years of W-2's and tax returns
    • 12 months rent or lease payments
    • Documents of all outstanding debt / loans.

  • Get PRE-APPROVED: This means your lender has reviewed all financial paperwork. You are approved to purchase a home based on a certain amount. This should be done before you even start looking at homes. Why fall in love with a home at a price that maybe you in the end you can't afford? Get pre-approved FIRST! Pre-approvals are typically required by a seller in order to accept any offer or negotiate on terms. It shows the seller that you are ready, willing and able to buy their home.

  • Don't forget about Closing Costs: It's important to estimate how much cash you will need to purchase a home. Not only downpayment but closing costs. Closing is at the end of the 'home-buying' process. When the home is transferred from the seller to the new buyer. Closing costs vary from an estimate of 2% to 5% of the purchase price.

  • As Your Real Estate Agents / Team: Good real estate agents understand the current housing market. We are committed to represented your best interests at all times and negotiate strongly on your behalf. We advise you and help you identify the best offer based on market and home condition so you are comfortable that it's the best investment based on your situation. We guide buyers through entire process. It's important that you are comfortable working with our trusted and experienced team.

  • Negotiations: When you understand what you can afford and work with an agent that understands the market, you approach negotiations strategically. It depends on sales price, what you need in the home to be happy, current housing market, etc. It's best to work through your agent, each home and scenario are different but our agents have experience to help you prepare a strong offer to buy and strategically negotiate on your behalf. 

  • Try not to get emotionally attached: Sometimes you just know when you see a home but the reality is you may not always get that one AND there will always be another. Sometimes your dream home can be out of your price range, or seller changes their mind, or inspection comes back negatively or their could also be multiple offers on a home. Just keeping looking! You'll find a home, make it yours, and fall in love with it. 

  • Save copies of your paperwork: Keep a physical file in case legal questions come up with your loan or there are issues with the home after you have moved in. When you sell the home, that information also comes in handy.

  • Consider Home Maintenance Budget: Does the home you are purchasing need updates or repairs? How are the mechinicals? Do you need to plan to replace a furnance or A/C? On average and general rule of thumb for a home maintenance budget is 1% of sales price, per year for a well-built home. Older homes usually need more for basic upkeep. Home maintenance is an important aspect of being a homeowner. Keeping your most valuable possession in good shape should be a priority and helps you build the most equity overtime and hopefully get you the highest price when it's time to sell. 

Contact one of our trusted, experienced agents today to take next steps towards buying a new home!

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